Your Crypto Co-Pilot

gmChat works using intents giving you the most optimal result for any of your requests. You remain in control of all your interactions and assets.

gmChat is built from the ground up by understanding user needs and matching it with the available on-chain solutions. As a copilot, it listens to you and serves you and helps you to do things in web3 better.

Do anything

A single app for all your crypto needs.

Battle tested for your life.

Seamless Transactions

Sip coffee and swap NFTs ☕️

Instant Swap

Getting groceries? “Get USDC from ETH” 🛒

Auto trigger actions

Grab your lunch and poke your portfolio 🥪

Instant Recommendation

Get your daily dose of crypto before the office 🚆

Get Stronger Everyday

Build your body and your portfolio 🛋

Experience the gmChat Difference

The Demo is a very basic version just for you to play. It only covers few use cases and is much less powerful than the WIP version.


Key points on gmChat and the technology behind it.

What does gmChat co-pilot do?

What is conversational crypto?

Can I connect with my Siri / Alexa / Google home?

How does it execute the crypto transactions?

Do I need to share my private keys?

What kind of AI agent does it use?

Do I need to have advanced knowledge about crypto to use it?

What is an intent computer?

Is gmchat a blockchain?

How gmchat move assets between blockchains?

Is gmChat prone to MEV externalities?

Can I embed gmchat to my website?

Is this the same as chatGPT?

Is there 3rd party integration support?

What blockchains are compatible?

How do I pay gas or blockchain fees?

The operations of gmChat will have restaked security?


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