Level up with your crypto copilot. Do anything in crypto easier, safer, and faster... and cheap too.Satisfy all your crypto needs on any chain.No matter your intents, you will be satisfied.

A first of it's kind.

A personal co-pilot for your crypto needs.


Just ask

A search engine for crypto.


If it's on-chain, it's possible.

Talk to the blockchain

Say what you want. gmChat will figure it out.

Custom workflows

Create your own "if this then that" rules.

Artificial Intelligence

Ai powered

Get a crypto boost with AI.

Blockchain agnostic

Seamlessly connecting everything in crypto.

Everything on-chain

Self custody with on-chain verifiability.


Create your own crypto chat agent. Serve users better.

Experience the gmChat Difference

The Demo is a very basic version just for you to play. It only covers few use cases and is much less powerful than the WIP version.

Making crypto safe and simple.

Your future self will thank you. gmChat, crypto made easy.

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