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About Blockswap Labs

Blockswap Labs is a cutting-edge research and development firm focused on high-impact frontier technologies. We aim to provide users worldwide with equitable access to financial services. Our primary areas of expertise lie in distributed computing, cross-chain communication, self-enforcing smart contracts, and Zero-Knowledge stacks.

Blockswap has been a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of social coordination and permissionless mechanism design. We have successfully launched multiple public benefit infrastructures supporting Ethereum blockchain applications and beyond.

In addition to our fundamental research pursuits, we actively contribute to decentralized projects such as the Blockswap network, a platform dedicated to Ethereum Staking adoption. And with the Proof of Neutrality network, a credibly neutral MEV supply-chain infrastructure for Ethereum.

Our Mission

At Blockswap Labs, we synthesize permissionless technology with a commitment to social impact, with a vision to redefine the landscape of global financial services.

Our mission is simple yet profound: It is not just about engineering excellence; it's about leveraging that excellence to create a world that is more equitable and accessible for all. We take the complexity out of web3 protocols, shaping them into secure, intuitive solutions that enrich people's everyday lives.

As a cornerstone of the engineering process, our purpose is to bring the future to the present, connecting the unbounded world of decentralized technology opportunities with mainstream users. We are passionate about creating unparalleled value, leveraging the infinite potential of Decentralized Finance while fostering privacy-ensuring technologies.

At Blockswap Labs, we don't just anticipate the future; we create it, one groundbreaking phase at a time, making the decentralized world more accessible and delightfully simple for everyone.

Core Values

Guided by the mantra of 'Think Different' we are fearless in disrupting the status quo, manifesting agility and attentiveness to ensure last-mile delivery.


We value real world social impact over product assumptions. Impactful innovation comes from a dyanmic, user-centric dialogue through products. 


Our products' global scale require a deep analysis into game theory implications, formal verfication, and testing.


Every product we develop features a 60 second user experience. Reaching the end user begins with simplicity.


The future of decentralized finance relies on credbily neutral infrastructure. We develop products that foster decentralized social coordination.


At Blockswap Labs, we're more than just a team—a dynamic, distributed collective with a shared vision. We operate as a 'T-shaped' organization; our team members possess a blend of breadth and depth in their skills. Each of us brings profound expertise; together, we harness this to break barriers and make extraordinary strides.

We work remotely, yet a strong ethos and a unified mission bind us. Our commitment to advancing humanity by empowering users fuels us; our work goes beyond shaping new paradigms—it's about ingraining them in users' daily lives for a greater impact. This shared vision empowers us to innovate relentlessly and solve some of the hardest problems in the industry.

Vincent de Almeida

Director of Engineering

Derek Rickert

Director of Marketing

Matt Shams (Anis)

CEO & Project Lead

Andreas Lynge

Formal Verification Lead

Prasad Athrayil

Dir. Operations & Delivery

Marco Merighi

Design Lead


Software Engineer - Protocol

Dr. Bingsheng Zhang

Cryptography lead - External

Petr Murzin

Software Engineer - Security

Manul Singh

Smart Contracts Engineer

Ronni Panford

Software Engineer - Protocol

James Cordova

Software Engineer

Philippe Dee

Smart Contracts Engineer

Szabolcs Szentes

Snr. Software Engineer

Gentian Sadiku

Software Engineer

Aydan Arroyo

Brand & Content

Himanshu Garg

Engineer DevOps

Nicollas Ehlers

Frontend Engineer

Atharva Mitragotri

Software Engineer - SDK

Work with us globally to create products and infrastructure that strengthen Ethereum and other Web3 technologies.

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Twelve products. One Mission. Building gateways to the boundless potential of Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and beyond to simplify and democratize access to blockchain technology, enabling individuals and organizations alike to participate and thrive in the ever-evolving digital economy.

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Empowering 100 million users

We are not just part of the change but the catalysts, turning vision into reality with relentless persistence on user empowerment.

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