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About Blockswap Labs

Blockswap Labs is a cutting-edge research and development firm focused on high-impact decentralized technologies. Blockswap is a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of social coordination and permissionless mechanism design for 30+ products and protocols.

Key areas of expertise:distributed computing, cross-chain communication, self-enforcing smart contracts, multi-party computation, zero-knowledge, MEV, and information processing.

Our Thesis

Our vision is to integrate decentralized technology into the fabric of everyday life, making the norm for mainstream users. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and accelerating progress, ensuring web3 solutions are easily accessible and user-friendly.

Our mission is simple yet profound: It is not simply about engineering excellence; It's about leveraging that excellence to create a world that is more equitable and enriches people's everyday lives.

We are passionate about the infinite potential of Decentralized Finance and fostering privacy-ensuring technologies with a commitment to social impact, and a vision to redefine global financial services.

Core Values

Guided by the mantra of 'Think Different' we are fearless in disrupting the status quo, manifesting agility and attentiveness to ensure last-mile delivery.


We value real world social impact over product assumptions. Impactful innovation comes from a dyanmic, user-centric dialogue through products. 


Our products' global scale require a deep analysis into game theory implications, formal verfication, and testing.


Every product we develop features a 60 second user experience. Reaching the end user begins with simplicity.


The future of decentralized finance relies on credbily neutral infrastructure. We develop products that foster decentralized social coordination.

Key Projects

In addition to our research efforts, we act as a core contributors to the below projects.

Public Benefit


Ethereum staking operating system for achieving geographically decentralized ETH stake adoption.


LSD Networks as a service

Liquid solo staking

LST Optimizer

On-chain recovery for validators

Public Benefit


A credibly neutral infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently supporting MEV, Intents, and Restaking.


In protocol PBS

Proof builder & relayer

MEV+ ecosystem

Generalized Intents layer



Decentralized trust for open innovation backed by staked ETH introducing new primitives.


K2 restaking pool

Native Delegation

zk Reporters

RST - ETH backed staking tokens

Work with us globally to create products and infrastructure that strengthen Ethereum and other Web3 technologies.

Web 3 Open Roles


Our Journey of Pioneering Innovations


Embarked on ETH staking. 26,000 validator testnet


ETH staking operating system released

First programmable MPC released


LSD as a service

First neutral infrastructure for MEV (PoN Network)

Multichain ERC20 - Bridgeless cross-chain transfer

Restaking Cloud | K2

vEVM & Intents Layer

CIP MPC as a service

LST Optimizer


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Community and Learning Resources

Twelve products. One Mission. Building gateways to the boundless potential of Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and beyond to simplify and democratize access to blockchain technology, enabling individuals and organizations alike to participate and thrive in the ever-evolving digital economy.

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Empowering 100 million users

We are not just part of the change but the catalysts, turning vision into reality with relentless persistence on user empowerment.

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