Research driven innovation.

We're transforming blockchain and distributed computing into user-friendly tools for mainstream adoption.

Pioneering through Innovation:

Our commitment is to real-world research in live environments. Finding bespoke solutions, we power a host of industry-first applications that shape the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond.


A fully automated operating system for Ethereum staking

LSD Network

Application for launching and operating a liquid staking network on Etheruem


Consensus layer validator NAV on Ethereum smart contracts


A benchmark stake yield protocol for DeFi ecosystem to use all LST with ETH redeemable.

Evolving with your aspirations

From Ethereum to Rollups and beyond, we're right there with you; We are curating tailored experiences and aligning your journey seamlessly harmonizing with your aspirations. Beyond product experience, we strive to deliver distinctive on-chain moments for you.


Our Technology Stack

Registry Based Contracts

Maintain a secure and efficient system of record-keeping

Used By: Stakehouse, Gateway, dCommon, PON PBS

MPC as a Service

Smart contract driven multi-party computation for EVM chains

Used By: Stakehouse, LSD Network, PON Connect

Trustless Web3 Router

ZK gadget based on data replication for cross-chain communication

Used By: Stakehouse, Cloud, LSD Network

State Replication Gadget

Monitored state replication for off-chain data verification

Used By: Gateway, PON PBS, Cloud

Interactive Validity Proofs

An interactive ZK scheme based on restrictive partially blind signatures

Used By: PON PBS

Precision Batch LP Management

A highly customizable pooling contract with range and queue management

Used By: LSD Network, PON PBS

Bulletin Board Based Intents

Domain based intents for expressive transactional markets

Used By: PON MEV PBS, PON Connect

Consensus Layer ETL

Ethereum consensus validator information for execution smart contracts

Used By: Stakehouse, LSD Network, Cloud

Credible Commitment Contracts

A fully automated enforcement of an off-chain credible commitment scheme for validation

Used By: PON PBS, Cloud, PON connect

Ethereum, Amplified.

We strip away the complexities of Ethereum and bring the benefits to the end user. Although our products push the boundaries of cryptography, they are simple to use.

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