ETH Restaking for Everyone

Restaking Cloud offers a full range of staked ETH based security for any kind of decentralized applications and networks.


Restaked ETH Security__

Accelerating geographical decentralization


An efficient and scalable adaptive restaking pool for leasing pay as you go ETH based security for everyone everywhere.

Node Cloud

A permissionless marketplace where decentralized networks hire ETH slashable node operators 24/7/365.

Native Delegation

An industry leading innovation makes restaking inclusive of all ETH validators without any additional capital cost or operational changes.

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Easy Restaking

Restaking Cloud’s K2 protocol enables a fluid restaking experience. Solo stakers, LST users, DVT, or Eigenlayer validators are all compatible.

Programmable Slashing Logic

Our ZK slashing technology enables both protocols and slashers to work in tandem without any coordination requirements.

Modular Restaking Layers

A new cloud for redistributing ETH security for all types of decentralized operations. K2 and Node Cloud serve as core pillars for multilayer integrations.


This is restaking.

Adaptive Staking Pool.

Delegate your ETH validator for extra yield.

K2 is a permissionless staking pool without a single point of authority. It redistributes Ethereum security for other networks, middlewares, and dapps to reinforce their decentralization. It allows existing validators to natively delegate their validator balances and LSTs to earn extra yield from K2 providing state security.

Use cases include L1s, L2s, oracles, rollups, DeFi protocols, etc.

More ETH secure. More ETH earned__

Stake. Restake.
Delegate. Redelegate.

The core tenet of Restaking Cloud is making staked ETH available as an atomic unit for building a new digital economy underpinned with Ethereum settlement guarantees.

ETH Stakers

If you are involved with ETH staking as a vanilla staker or an LST holder, you are able to participate in Restaking Cloud protocols.

Node Operators

Being an Ethereum node operator allows you to access an additional cashflow by extending your validator stake or becoming a Preferred Node Operator.


For protocols that require restaked security, RSTs enable an off the shelf stake accounting and liquidity layer.

SBPs & kNetworks

Whether you want to secure your network in full or its operational actors’ performance with slashable ETH, we got you covered.

ZK Slashers

Restaking Cloud security is deterministic and real-time. Anyone can become a ZK slasher by running a simple software and earn ETH.

Go Restake__

Restaking Cloud is growing

Explore the expanding Restaking Cloud product suite.

PNO Delegations

Update your Ethereum validator as a Preferred Node Operator (PNO) and earn additional revenue from outside ETH delegations.

Become a PNO


Experience a fully automated operating system designed for Ethereum restaking. Stakehouse makes staking accessible and efficient.

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Node Cloud

Permissionless marketplace for ETH protected node operators

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Native delegation

Enables validators and node operators to participate in restaking without needing separate withdrawal credentials.

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SBPs enables ETH security and make it accessible for any internet based protocol or blockchains.

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Zk Reporter (K2)

RST functions as a staking utility token for middleware, networks, or protocols.This allows developers and builders to “Pay as they go and pay as they grow”.

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SBPs enables ETH security and make it accessible for any internet based protocol or blockchains.

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Restaking developer resources

Access all developer resources and information for Restaking Cloud protocols.

Native delegation

A highly secure software for registering an ETH validator for K2 restaking.

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K2 Reporter

A Typescript server that uses the K2 SDK for performing ZK slashing.

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K2 Middleware

A simple software that allows SBPs to verify slashing reports on K2.

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K2 Delegation Module

An automated workflow for K2 operations directly from the consensus layer.

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Documentation and Guides

Hear from our Ecosystem Design Partners.

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