Credibly Neutral Infrastructure for Ethereum MEV

Redefining maximal extractable value into maximum expressive value.


MEV Infra

Relay and OFA

An open source tooling for MEV, relay, and builder supply chains.


On-chain PBS

An on-chain based proposer builder seperation smart contract suite based on credible commitments.

MEV Plus

Validator Client

MEV+ allows validators access to an entirely new set of applications and strategies.

PoN infra benefits__

A fair and neutral transactional supply chain

Advanced MEV Strategies

Reinforcing Ethereum's neutrality through cryptographic guarantees.

An On-Chain PBS Solution

A capital-efficient, on-chain commitment mechanism for PBS that features a unified registry for validators, builders, and ZK Reporters.

Built in Order Flow Auction

PoN infra has an out of the box ascending second order auction with ZK commitments that allows better execution guarantees.

Use PoN dapp

Modular and Extensible

Customization is a key aspect of the PoN stack that allows developers deploy their own MEV supply chain for additional revenue.

Seamless Integration

PoN has out of the box toolings and SDK for all of its offerings including relays, builders, ZK Reporters, PBS, and MEV Plus.

The Future of intents is multichain_

Works Like a Protocol

Intents Based Infrastructure

Maximal expressive transaction logic offering MEV protection and cryptographic guarantees.

User focused UX

Conversational UX that removes the complexities of crypto interactions with the help of an Autonomous Intent tech stack.

The Future of Multichain - Protected Users

A parallel execution vEVM for MEV markets to execute any transaction between multiple chains without worrying about gas or MEV.

MEV Ecosystem__

Permissionless stack with ZK guarantees

PoN infra delivers an unparalleled advantage for MEV supply chain actors with a deterministic operational route.

MEV Builder

Access the PoN Proof Builder suite and protect your MEV strategies for continuous block delivery optimizations.


Operate a ZK or open relay from any jurisdiction without knowing the block contents.


Create your own MEV bid strategy using the self attestation gadgets. Negotiate pre-confirmations from builders and validators.


Register with the PoN proposer registry to receive better block bids and utilize the smoothening pool for consistent payouts.


A Neutral Stack for Your MEV Supply Chain

Proof of Neutrality stack offers a suite of modules and on-chain & off-chain components, enabling custom MEV strategies grounded in deterministic zero-knowledge cryptography.

Open Relay

An optimistic relay with a unified slashable builder stake and reputation.

Proof Builder

A privacy aware block builder that uses ZK proofs to negotiate bid value and proposers.

Proof Relay

A fast and encrypted ZK relay serving proof builders and proposers.

On-chain PBS

On-chain smart contract for proposer builder seperation

MEV Plus PoN

A block building module with a default second price auction and greater transparency.

PoN Reporter

A ZK slasher built for PoN PBS operations that slash proposers and builders.

Order Flow Auction

Ascending second price auction with a bounty bid for timing game bids inclusion

Timing game

Allow anyone to send a big bounty bid only on last 2 sec


MEV Auctions Infra

Redefining Maximal Extractable Value into Maximum Expressive Value.


PoN developer resources

Access all developer resources and information for Proof of Neutrality Network protocols.

Seamless Integration

Provides plug-and-play toolkits tailored for custom MEV operations, with an on-chain PBS suite. Ready to use SDK and a subgraph, for smart contract integration with off-chain components.


Robust Mechanism

Formally audited open-source stack, for fully permissionless usage. PoN Order-flow auction and observation stack had rigorous formal and game theory audits confirming the incentive compatibility of the mechanism.

Off-Chain model

On-Chain Auditability

PoN stack has full auditability and verifiability of its supply chain operations, with tamper-proof registry contracts. Industry first where highly time-sensitive, off-chain operations coordinated by a contract suite, autonomously.

Contract deployments

Modular Architecture

Allows extensive customization with its modular design. It has both ZK and optimistic Relayer, Builder workflows, using a credible commitment scheme. Also a unified builder stake mechanism and validator registry.

MEV aware supplychain

Documentation and Guides

Infra Resources

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Open RelayProof RelayProof BuilderReporter


Additional Information.

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Security First

All our protocols and product goes through formal security & testing verification process

Build your own MEV supply chain with PoN.

PoN MEV stack
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