A credbily Neutral Zero Knowledge Stack Built for the Multichain World.

A ready-to-use ZK verifiable compute layer for EVM chains.

MODULAR stack __

Scalable Cryptographic Security on ZK & MPC

Industry battle tested

Utilize our ZK gadgets and Multi-party computation based stacks. They are based on more than a decade of industry applications.

Efficient and scalable

Works on any device including a mobile phone. Implement ZK proof based solutions with ease; They are efficient and scalable.

Data integrity guarantees

Ensure data integrity and security through verifiable computation without exposing sensitive information.

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Modular Stack

Our ZK compute layer is built for smart contract developers. It has inherent composability that provides custom logics across various domains.

Developer Friendly Tools

Simplified SDKs for integrating ZK proofs and MPC logics into your projects to enable privacy aware features.

Discover everyday privacy protections.

Confidential Voting Systems

Guarantee voter privacy and accurate record-keeping in every vote.

ZK auctions / Bid Intents

Execute transactions with full confidentiality, safeguarding financial data.

Differential Privacy Gadgets

Analyze data while protecting individual privacy, ensuring ethical use of information.

MEV Resistant Transactions

Shield your transactions from MEV risks, securing value with transactional privacy.

Atomic Block Sequencing

Streamline transaction processing with unbiased, secure sequencing.

RWA Designated Endorser

Validate real-world asset transactions discreetly, maintaining data integrity.

ZK AA Co-signer & PKP

Enhance multi-signature security with anonymous yet reliable co-signing.

Encrypted MEV Supply Chain

Protect your MEV supply chain data with robust encryption and security.

Proof Aggregation

Efficiently validate multiple proofs, reducing complexity while enhancing trust.


Industry ready ZK/MPC gadgets

Explore Blockswap's innovative applications of ZK proofs in blockchain technology. From enhancing transaction privacy to creating efficient, confidential smart contracts, discover how we're leading the way in privacy tech.

RWA ZK Witness

A ZK-gadget for selective disclosure attestation from a designated verifier without revealing data for off-chain databases.

MPC as a Service

A self deployable smart contract suite that provide on demand programmable MPC functionality for EVM smart contract.

Self Attestation

A Zero Knowledge gadget to create ZK proofs of a self generated unforgeable statement with verifiability without reveling its content.

Witness Endorser

A trustless verifier for decentralized networks that can attest the authenticity of data with a ZK-certificate, eg: bridged asset, chain finality etc.

Atomic Inclusion

A pre-confirmation with ZK proof of a sequential transaction execution that preserves atomicity in one or many domains (cross chain MEV).

MPC Remote Signer

An on-demand signer for key management & state abstraction i.e PKP, passkeys, block MEV options etc, using CIP - MPC smart contracts.

ZK Slasher

Observation gadget for programmable slashing logics, that allows custom workflows and triggers based on user / protocols logic.

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No seed phrase, a single account for all chains

gmChat’s core stack operations are coordinated by our ZK stack, ensuring a deterministic privacy aware and MEV resistant transaction supply chain.


A simple toolkit for ZK business logics

Create custom credible commitment schemes effortlessly with no cryptography learning curve. Access pre-built zero knowledge proof gadgets and multi-party computation toolkits designed for smart contract developers.

ZK coprocessor

Effortlessly incorporate ZK proofs into your project’s business logics with our APIs and SDKs.

Enhance Data Privacy

Build applications that protect user data to maintain confidentiality and trust.

Optimized Performance

Leverage our optimized ZK algorithms for fast and efficient computation in blockchain applications.

Unbounded Flexibility

Both ZK and MPC stacks are ad hoc and deployable within in minutes for any smart contract logic.

Documentation and Guides

Stakehouse CIP

Trustless signer network for Ethereum Validator on-chain key recovery

CIP documentationCIP SubgraphStakehouse CIP SDK


Generalized multi-chain programmable MPC layer for EVM smart contracts

MPC JSBlind Signer

Witness Endorser

ZK designated verifier and self attestation gadgets for Web3 operations

RPBS Solidity packageRPBS Cryptography

Enhance privacy, security, and efficiency today with Blockswap Labs.

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