Staking Operating System__

Stake. Earn. Grow.

Use our highly versatile ETH staking ecosystem for self custody solutions. Explore the range of products offered in Blockswap Network.


Blockswap Labs benefits__

Staking products for every staker's needs

60 second UX

The gold standard in self custody; All products are fully autonomous on smart contracts and fulfills all user actions within 60 seconds. ally.

User owned protocols

The only network of protocols that is fully integrated for each layer of staking user segments; Moreover everything is owned and operated by users without a single point of failure.

No oracle!

None of the protocols use an oracle for operations. All operations are auditable and verifiable on-chain for a normal user.

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Continuous Integration & Support

Every protocol in the network has have a full suite of SDKs and developer tooling for anyone anywhere to use it at their will.


By default, protocols are fully permissionless no multisig approvals or no veto committees.

User Value Driven

The innate nature of the product suite revolves around a single functionality, protect and serve the user.

Network USERS__

A staker ecosystem

No matter where you are in the staking supply chain, Blockswap Network protocols will have an interface to serve you.

ETH Stakers

Stakehouse protocol serves solo stakers and large portfolio stakers, giving them full traceability of their stake performance and creating liquidity for DeFi usage.

Stake Pools

The LSD Networks protocol provides optionality for creating staking pools in under 60 seconds. Everyone can start, operate, and unwind staking as a service with full automation; All on smart contracts.


A full suite of developer resources including toolings, templates, SDKs, tutorials, and more. Anything a developer needs to start exploring and building their products around ETH staking.

P2P Stake Pools

Stake a validator with your frens or leverage your social clout to generate staking revenue. A new kind of syndication that pays you.


Staking developer resources

Access all developer resources and information for Blockswap Network and Stakehouse ecosystems.

Deployable Giant Pools

Create a precision LP management for staked ETH pooling.


Deployable ETL

Out of the box monitoring solution for your LSD Network.


Stake Yield Templates

Build your own next generation DeFi protocols using staked ETH yield.


Unlimited Batch Staking

Step by step tutorials with an SDK for batch staking validators.


Everything you need to know to get started.

Our staking knowledge base will guide you on your ETH staking journey. You can find tutorials, deep dives, vidoes, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Are there any commissions in the LSD network?

Is there any staking limit?

How much ETH do I need to deploy my own LSD network?

Can I become a node operator with less than 4 ETH?

Does the DAO or the LSD network owner have direct access to the funds in the pool?

Am I allowed to leave the LSD network?

My validator has been staked but my LP tokens are still not earning rewards.

Should I stake via the Giant Pools or an LSD Network specific pool? Which is better?

Can I restrict my LSD Network to run only certified or trusted validators?

What happens to my LP tokens when the validator Rage Quits?

If I create an LSD Network, do I need to find my own liquidity?

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